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Our Mission

Helping clients find their strength within by providing high-quality, client-centered mental health services for women, couples, and families.

Sand Dunes
Sand Dunes

Our Vision

We strive to promote resilience, compassion and belonging with all clients and communities we serve.

Our Values

Emotional Resilience


Personal Growth 


Compassionate Care


Connection and Belonging 

Therapy in Farmington, Utah

Our Story

Counseling and Therapy services in Utah

“When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.” 

― Jaeda Dewalt

Ruth Patiño Henderson, LCSW
Owner, Clinical Therapist

Resilient Life Counseling was founded in March 2021. To understand the motivation behind the development of (RLC) is to understand the strong women of my life. I come from a long history of women who exemplified resiliency, overcame tremendous challenges, loved deeply, and worked diligently throughout their lives. My grandmother, or “abuela” from Peru was a pillar of strength and advocacy with complete dedication to her family to ensure a better future for her children. My mother was also a woman of strength who loved her family and had a clear passion for her career in health and wellness. My grandmother, a true entrepreneur with her own business, and my mother, a committed counselor in health and wellness have both been continuous examples of inspiration.


Previously, I received my undergraduate degree at Brigham Young University and my graduate degree in Social Work at the University of Utah in 2003. Over the course of my career, I have worked in higher education administration and partnered with various non-profit agencies, organizations, and businesses providing counseling and support services, seminars, and employee assistance consulting. Over the past seven years, I have put more emphasis on clinical psychotherapy work, and have sincerely enjoyed creating a more in-depth therapeutic alliance with my clients in their processes of change and understanding. 


In 2020, along with our worldwide pandemic, my mother was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and passed away in December of that same year. This required much of myself and other family members to become daily caregivers, and eventually cope with the grief of her loss. Additionally, working through challenges of blending a family, dealing with infertility, and the evolvement of my career continued to stretch and challenge me in many different ways. For this, I am grateful for the clinician and person I am becoming largely due to these extremely challenging experiences, as well as for the love and support from so many colleagues, family, and friends that I have had throughout my career and life.


My hope is to carry forward the legacy of these resilient women before me, by providing high-quality mental health services with a sincere commitment to my clients in helping them find their strength within as well. 


1361 N 1075 W

Suite 14

Farmington, UT 84025





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