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Gottman Couples Class starting September 27th




8 Weeks

About the Course

Resilient Life Counseling is hosting a Gottman Couples class to help couples strengthen their connection by learning and applying practical skills using the Gottman Method. The Seven Principles skills class would benefit couples contemplating engagement, pre-marital couples, couples living together, and couples who have been together or married for decades. 

PLEASE NOTE that this an educational class, and it is not therapy. This class is NOT appropriate for couples with severe relationship distress, significant emotional or physical abuse, serious emotional or mental health problems, relationships where one or both partners are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol, and relationships with serious compulsive behavior with gambling, sexual acting out, and other disruptive behaviors. We are happy to connect such couples with a couples therapist at our practice, or make appropriate referrals. 

Your Instructor

Diane Farmer, LCSW

Diane Farmer, LCSW

Diane Farmer, LCSW, Gottman Trained Therapist & Facilitator


Women's Mental Health
Couples Counseling
Young Adult Life Transitions
Distressed Relationships



The goal of Resilient Life is to ensure clients feel empowered and heard as they work through challenges, gain a deeper understanding of themselves, and find the right solutions that help them best navigate through life.

We work extensively with diverse communities, adolescents, young adults, women and couples. Our strengths include addressing women's issues, blending families, navigating divorce, couples counseling, family and parenting challenges, life transitions, diversity issues, navigating grief, anxiety and depression.

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